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ACC Gulf LLC was established in the year 2002 following the acquisition of Technical & Leisure Supplies Co, a leading supplier of quality industrial maintenance and repair products in the UAE and the Middle East.

Since then the company has expanded both in terms of its product portfolio and the team. It offers its products and services to over 20 countries in the Middle East, Africa & Indian Sub Continent. The company's efficient and experienced technicians and staff travel to support these markets at the end-user level as well as through distributors.

The company's service center in Dubai has the ability to repair and maintain tools for its customers. A branch in Abu Dhabi was opened in 2012 to help develop and support the customers in the Eastern Emirates and Al Ain.

Products and Services Offered

ACC Gulf has the reputation of selling the products of the highest quality and at highly competitive prices. It also has a qualified technical staff that can support the industry and is an expert at problem-solving. Since it is an Assemble and MRO and Tooling specialist, most of the brands it markets have their application in a wide range of industries. These industries are:

1. Aerospace
2. Oil & Gas
3. Ship Repair
4. Land & Rail Transport
5. Manufacturing
6. Food & Drink
7. Automotive
8. Roofing & Cladding
9. Switchgear
10. Ductile & Ventilation Industries
11. Container Repairs
12. Refrigerated Transport

The company also provides a wide range of products which include:

1. An extensive range of adhesives ranging from Industrial adhesive tapes to hot melt adhesives.
2. Epoxy Adhesives and Tooling Products
3. Gasket Materials
4. Ambersil range of “Food Processing Safe” products
5. MRO products such as Silicon Sealants
6. Cleaners and Degassers
7. Ambersil Tufcut Metal Cutting Lubricant
8. Ambersil Anti-Corrosion protective coatings
9. Ambersil Lubricants as well as industrial greases
10. Ambersil mold release and associated products
11. Fasteners
12. Pneumatic Riveting Tools
13. Battery Tools
14. Air Tools


All the companies and brands represented by ACC Gulf are top tier companies who pride themselves on the quality of their products. All the products go through rigorous quality control procedures before being shipped anywhere.

Also, all the products provided by the company have ISO 14001/9001 accreditation and bear approval from some of the leading industries worldwide. The company has a dedicated service system and all the other are completed within 24 hours of receipt. The company also delivers to some markets directly from its principal factories in Europe, thereby enhancing its reach.



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