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Ahmed Al Maazmi Advocates and Legal Consultants has its own legal practice and approach. The main convictions of that approach is that the practice method for the success of the lawyer is not only based on knowledge of the provisions of the laws and regulations, but also depends on the lawyer's insightful opinion and familiarity with his business affairs to achieve and protect his client's interest.

We follow a consistent and powerful approach not to rush to file a case on behalf of our clients. Such approach depends firstly on urging clients and their litigants to settle the disputes amicably and file the case after all possible means for amicable settlement of disputes are exhausted. The reason for that is to preserve the UAE economics, preserve investors and keep them within UAE to increase the economic development, with an ultimate goal to bring UAE to the highest global economic ranks and raise the well-being of those residing in UAE.
We firmly believe in the recognized norms of the legal profession with the utmost professional levels. Our principles are integral and indivisible. Legal Profession is one of the high-end professions that aims to protect and preserve rights, achieve justice, progress of all peoples and establish the principles of the supremacy of the law in Society. Accordingly, We believe that the client's interest is a top priority to which we seek through our principles, exerting due efforts and providing due care to obtain the best legal results
We fulfill our social commitment by providing training and qualification for the law students at UAE universities; therefore, we can provide a valuable opportunity for gaining a real practical experience in their area of interest in our office. We also provide them with the opportunity to participate in all relevant legal events, forums and lectures.

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