Al Ikhtiar Al Amthal Business Center in Dubai

Al Salemiyah Tower, Office 3D, Dubai, UAE


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The Optimal Choice Center for Businessmen Services has 14 years of experience in the United Arab Emirates in serving businessmen and investors. We will redeem all your transactions in the most effective way, less effort, and the fastest time possible.

who are we

Al IKHTIAR AL AMTHAL for business services

The Best Choice Company for Businessmen, Investors and Transaction Clearing Services in Dubai is a provider of government services in Dubai, as it provides its services through several branches across the emirate. Its vision is to ensure the highest standards of comfort and happiness for its customers, in line with the Dubai Happiness Agenda launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

In our endeavor to provide the highest international standards in serving our customers, we give each of our customers the attention we give to VIPs, and provide 7-star services to all of our customers. Top Company for Businessmen and Investors Services provides business advice, focuses on networking and provides creative business solutions to our partners.

Our team of advisors, supervisors, and business partners work with you to find insights into your business and tailor our solutions to your requirements. We have the advantage of being sober on our feet. Our team will be close to you at all times to anticipate your needs, provide solutions to guide and enhance your business vision.

Corporate services

Renewal of all commercial licenses
Establishing companies
Reserve a trade name
Issuing licenses of all kinds
Issuing Dubai economic licenses
Issuing free zone licenses
Providing a citizen sponsor and a service agent
Immigration establishment card opening service
Ijari and Estidama offices
Register your company with taxes
Business facility card service
Request service (quota)

Businessmen Services

Follow-up of municipality transactions
Facility management services
Follow-up transactions of the Department of Lands and Properties
Transaction clearance services
Printing immigration and passports transactions
Follow-up government and quasi-governmental transactions
Follow-up transactions (order - facilitation - Dubai Economy

Establish your company and receive your license including trade name, preliminary approval, establishment contract, lease contract, annual guarantee fees, payment permission, issuance of the license, along with a certificate of registration in the commercial registry and a Dubai Chamber membership registration certificate.

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