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Al Bahar & associates was founded in Dubai ( united Arab Emirates) by the Late Mr. Mohammed Al Bahar a native of Dubai along with the legal support by its first Senior Associate Mr. Mazen Y. Ajjour who has been practicing law as legal Consultant since 1993 in UAE. Mr. Mohammed Al Bahar had split up from Lutfi Al Bahar & co to expand the practice in this law firm and its branch in Abu Dhabi.

In early 2009 , Mr. Yousef Al Bahar ( who left a successful stint as officer in Dubai police ) had joint the firm as Senior lawyer and in due to the death of Mr. Mohammed Al Bahar ( in April 2013) Mr. Yousef Al Bahar had replace his father as Senior lawyer and principle of this Firm.

We are licensed law firm practicing legal representation before courts in the UAE. Our excellent client service underpins all that we do and we focus on this as our priority at all times. Our unique working culture how we work is open, collaborative and strongly client-focused. Our structure encourages a collegiate approach, enabling us to assemble the most appropriate team to fit each clients particular requirements.

We offer all the major practice area disciplines and work with clients of every size and type, from global organizations, government and nonprofit businesses, to smaller entrepreneurs and private individuals. Our strategy is client-oriented.

We enhance the already considerable ability of all our lawyers by providing a real breadth of advice, recognizing the broader requirements of our clients and taking into account their strategic, commercial and other needs.Responding to these needs ensures a smoother journey for our clients and leads to the right outcomes for them.

Finally, our firm is different from other International Consultancy Law Firm owned by foreign lawyers practicing in UAE due to the fact that it can navigate the clients through the local legal and bureaucratic environment; provide advice on international transaction and litigation services before Courts Civil & Criminal and other legal channels such as Arbitration Centers, Police and Public Prosecution.

We at Al Bahar Advocates, our team of lawyers are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of Wills, Arbitration, rental dispute , family dispute civil, commercial, criminal, construction and maritime law as well as Debt collection With expert lawyers, our team works to caters all your legal needs and provide you with multiple sound legal advice and resolutions to each of your conflicts in accordance with the Local as well as International Market Standards. We pride ourselves in our quality, cost effectiveness and timely results. Our team of lawyers has been operating through the legal sector in the UAE for over 25 years and in the Middle East for over 30 years.



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