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Alpha Marine is one of the leading pioneers in the field of supplying marine equipment to the Yachts and Supply vessels building industry in the UAE since 1998. A visionary with foresight is Mr.Juma Obaid Al Mehairi, who indicated the company with determination and will power.

Today Alpha Marine equipment is a global brand with steady growth and success. Apart from supplying of marine equipment, Mr.Juma, has a strong desire to manufacture sea ambulance which he accomplished in the year 2015 enabling to save the lives of people at sea.

Today, Alpha Marine Showroom is situated in the prime location of Jadaf dry dock, in Dubai, UAE. We provide all types of equipment and services for yachts and service vessels. Herein mentioned are few of the line of products we deal and supply.


Our team of experienced staff will provide the installation of sterngear package to the yachts and service vessels. We also supply custom made flexible couplings, stern tube and stainless steel shafts of 316L with propellers to attain perfect propulsion to our customers satisfaction.


The hydraulic power steering system of Alpha Marine has a proven track record with many of our clients satisfaction towards the performance of the Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Steering pump and the functioning of the Rudders along with the rudder indicator to perfection.


We have a unique craftsmanship in providing the marine air conditioning system for all types of pleasure crafts and yachts. Alpha Marine, caters to the need of the clients request and provides and adequate custom made air conditioning or chiller unit system which operates with the sea water. The Solo freddo chiller units are engineered for optimal used and environmentally safe.

Our units provide flexibility during installation and easy accessibility for maintenance and repair.
All the marine air conditioners and chiller units that we supply have a variety of power supply such as 230V 60Hz OR 230V 50Hz from single phase to three phases to meet our client's requirement to suit their Luxury yachts


Many of the yacht builders choose marine generators supplied by Alpha Marine, due to its durability, performance efficiency and reliable power supply for both Super Yachts and Commercial vessels. The main characteristic of our generators is the customized design's fitted with anti vibration mounts. All our generators meet a premium standard of quality this makes our gensets extremely appropriate to deliver reliable power on board to Luxury Yachts, which eventually satisfy the requirements of our clients.

A significant feature of our generators is our experience, innovating technical knowledge which forms a foundation for every successful project in the marine industry. Lastly our micro model with perfect access for maintenance is the pride of Alpha Marine Equipment.


Converting sea-water to fresh water is called reverse osmosis. We have a fully automated water maker series that you will not have to compromise or cut corners anymore. The operation is done on the tip of the fingers on the touch screen display by the PC or even from your smart phone via optional wireless connection. It also accurately monitors the salinity in the fresh water that is produced.

The salient features of this water maker system includes, a high pressure pump operating for eight thousand hours, dry run protection, over pressure shutdown. All components are IP54 or IP64 standards. The series of water makers that we provide includes a very robust design with low maintenance components.


Cristec battery charges are very sleek in design and further developed for energy requirements on board the Luxury Yachts or power boats. Many boat builders and yacht owners are confounded in choosing the correct battery charger to manage and integrated power system that is affordable, easy to install and simple to operate. The process is enough to cause a mental short circuit, but don't be discouraged. An electrical power survey is the first critical step towards creating a balanced electrical system perfectly suited to your needs by installing Cristec Battery Charges.

Inverter converts 12V or 24V batteries to 220V which is exactly the same voltage used in our homes. With an inverter, any AC power can be used at any time, without operating a generator.


We have a wide range of marine toilets which are either operated by 12Volts or by 24Volts battery. Most of the Yacht owners would like to install their own preferred style and color to suit the interior of their yachts which we provide a range to make it suitable to our customers liking.

The unique part of these marine toilets are installed with a sani processor along with an electric macerator pump which functions to perfection by pumping the resultant slurry into a holding tank or pumped directly overboard. In the event of any blockage, this sani processor unit can be cleaned by opening the inspection lid of the processor.

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