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The increasing environmental concerns in the world today have caused us all to examine the way we live .These issues have affected every aspect of our lives .including the materials we use in construction. The use of cold-formed steel members as alternative is intelligent choice with benefits to, not only the environmental, but also to the contractor, designer and developer.

Steel is not only a recyclable product, but also a stronger product allowing for longer clear-spans in the design process. Cold-formed steel is lighter providing ease of handling .it is straighter product giving a "true" wall with which to work. It doesn't suffer fluctuation in price, making it easier to bid a project .quality control stressed all phases of the manufacturing process so the highest possible quality is delivered to the job site. The structural shapes manufactured are easily used for non-structural and structural assemblies, floor and ceiling, joist assemblies, and panelized systems. They can be used as the main structural support system or as supplement to heavy structural steel or concrete construction.

Manufacturers have been producing cold-formed steel framing members for many years, with each manufacturer having its own nomenclature and design values. A steel member with identical properties would be identified by different names based on which manufacturer produced it. This created some confusion at all levels of the construction process. The Brooer Metal Industries llc mission is to proactively represent member firms engaged in the manufacture, marketing and sale of cold-formed steel framing members, as a unified voice to the residential and light commercial construction industry serviced by its products ,which includes contractors , distributors, design professionals ,code officials and standards organization .to this end Brooer Metal Industries llc will endeavor to supply products which meet or exceed standard established by national ,state and local code bodies and by recognized industry associations.


To provide such high quality engineering and manufacturing services that it become fundamental to our customer success that they think of Brooer Metal Industries L.L.C as part of their business.


We at Brooer Metal Indutries L.L.C take pride in declaring the company's commitment to satisfy our customers by providing high quality products and promptly delivering them as per the agreed contractual requirement

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