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C P World is an international organization that is managed by a broad spectrum of people having varied nationalities. The company is the pre-eminent cargo consolidator in the global shipping area. The company comprises of management leadership that has been chosen specially for each of its operations. Also, it has a wide geographical coverage, catering to people belonging to different countries.

Along with a 1300 strong staff, the company has its offices in 38 countries to offer unparalleled service to its costumers. Besides offering solutions to enhance your business, the company offers the unique advantage of providing a global network, thereby helping its members to deliver their services in a better way.

Products and Services Offered

C P World offers its valuable services in four key domains. They are:

1. Operations: The company adopts strict standard operating procedures in order to deliver the first-class presentation of its consignments to its customers. This is done through mediums such as pre-alerts, arrival
notification, correct & proper invoicing, speedy cargo availability, and customer care at the point of entry to the local C P World.

2. Sales: C P World has a rigid and totally focused "customer call cycle" plan that is implemented to ensure maximum coverage of the total forwarders/customs brokers in each country. The company also accounts for
the growth of its partner under a global target plan. It constantly circulates its sales correspondence, encouraging and challenging the global network to do the same.

3. Support: Vendors of C P World are constantly encouraged to support its business plans and be involved in its implementation and measurement processes.

4. Finance: The company is very well aware of the importance of creditors confidence and support and its importance in the growth of a company. Hence, the company makes every effort to handle the finances of its clients
in a professional and efficient manner.


From a humble beginning in the year 2005, the company stepped into Dubai with a joint investment. The company is now one of the leading CFS warehouse providers in the world.

C P World works with a vision to create a business that includes exceptional customer service coupled with competitiveness in the pricing. Being a neutral NVOCC provider, it aims to provide a platform through which your LCL cargo can be moved within a singular network so that you don't have to worry about dealing with multiple agencies at once.


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