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Dr. Amira Albastaki Advocates & legal consultants was established in 2013, till now we provide the most high-quality legal services to its clients. Our team aims to consult local and foreign legal entities in the course of their business success. We always owned to be worthy of trust for those who deal with us. The firm ensures best possible advisory services and support to the Client and ensure that there is always good team spirit and Communication among the group. It is a licensed law firm practicing legal representation before courts in the UAE.
Our aim is to achieve full satisfaction for our clients by providing excellent level of services and research the law on the highest level of standard. We strongly believe that a trusted relationship is built through shared values and deep understand of our client s' needs.
We provide wide range of legal services for meeting the needs of our clients, our firm were designed in accordance with a standard methodology in the field of law. We aims to provide an integrated professional legal service to the clients and offers top-ranking legal representation across a various range of practice areas.
We enjoy today among our clients and we have maintained significant affiliations with different areas both locally and internationally. Every client is treated with courtesy and is guaranteed effective representation during the work process of Legal Consultancy's team a compulsory condition is the complete, permanent and strictly observation of the confidentiality principal and keeping the company secret.

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