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Dubai CommerCity


Dubai CommerCity (DCC) is the first and leading free zone dedicated to digital commerce in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. With an area covering 2.1 million square feet and an investment of around $1 billion, Dubai CommerCity is uniquely designed to cater to regional and international digital commerce businesses.

The free zone is perfectly placed to benefit from the expected digital commerce growth in the region that is outpacing the global growth average. It provides an environment that stimulates creativity and progressive development with the aim of attracting more foreign direct investments to Dubai.

Dubai CommerCity is located next to Dubai International Airport, at the center of the regional trade route, providing access to over 2 billion people within a 2-hour flight radius. With its strategic location, the free zone is specially designed to enable fast digital commerce fulfilment across the region.

As a dedicated free zone built to accommodate primarily digital commerce entities with a wealth of industry knowledge, integrated digital commerce services and solutions, Dubai CommerCity is the suitable destination for companies that seek to benefit from this unique ecosystem within Dubai.


. Transforming human experiences across the digital commerce landscape.
. Enhancing the operational performance of companies in the digital commerce industry and drive their growth.
. Contributing to establishing Dubai's position as the capital of digital commerce.
. Supporting the Digital Economy Strategy by enhancing the contribution of the digital commerce industry to the local GDP.

What We Offer

Dubai CommerCity is the ideal destination for any customer looking to setup or expand their digital commerce business, as well as digital commerce service providers who can offer their services to a pool of regional and international digital commerce businesses. The free zone also ensures providing traditional businesses with world-class services, including strategy consulting, customers consulting, and warehousing and last mile delivery solutions.

Dubai CommerCity provides 360-degrees of on-site guidance from digital commerce industry specialists, as well as complete business setup and customs support, tailored consultation services including digital commerce strategy development, performance marketing and content services, and end-to-end logistics solutions inclusive of warehousing and last mile delivery. With its world-class infrastructure, the free zone provides flexible office sizes and scalable fulfilment centres, which offer various dedicated solutions for digital commerce businesses.


The free zone is divided into three clusters, each with its own innovative design.

Business Cluster: Comprises 12 office buildings featuring modern and innovative exteriors and landscapes.
Logistics Cluster: Consists of dedicated warehouse units of different sizes to suit digital commerce businesses and a shared multi-client warehouse operated by our partners with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.
Social Cluster: Includes a variety of diverse food halls, cafes, restaurants, art galleries and open spaces.


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