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Design & Build FF & E Fitout Procurement Project Management Refurbishment


DWB is a leading interiors company in the Middle East. Operating principally in the FF&E and Fit-Out industry, its main areas of business cover hotels, corporate offices, hospitals and airports, high-end residential properties.

The range of business activities performed by DWB comprises:

o Interior contracting: which focuses on FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment), i.e. Case Goods, Upholstered Furniture, Curtains, Wall and Floor Coverings, Beddings, Lighting, Artworks, design and build and Fit-Out works for selected projects including installation and finishing of floors, walls, ceilings, fixed joinery, paneling, wood works, doors and frames.
o Manufacturing: DWB works with a network of factories and joineries producing customized wood works, metal works, furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E).
o Procurement: involves the procurement of supplies and materials from third parties to support and complement DWB's interior contracting and manufacturing operations as well as third party procurement contracts for specific FF&E projects.

By integrating these services into a single package, DWB provides clients with comprehensive and customized interior contracting solutions.

The company operates through an integrated network of subsidiaries, affiliates and representative offices located in The UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. DWB Professional team has successfully executed large projects in the Middle East including Doubletree Muroj Business Gate in Ryiadh, Grand Hyatt Dubai, Four Seasons Hotels (Doha, Cairo, Amman), Shangri-La (Abu Dhabi), Fairmont Dubai,….

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