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With a unique blend of multinational advocates and legal consultants with unparalleled legal experience in the UAE, we, at MN Law, undertake to deliver quality legal services guided by the values of professionalism, ethics, integrity and trust. In doing business with our Firm.

We undertake to service each of your legal needs in the UAE and pledge to provide a one-stop-legal-shop where you can benefit from our team's expertise, knowledge and capabilities in a wide range of legal issues in the UAE, including but not limited to company incorporation and registration, corporate compliance, negotiation and drafting of contracts, employment matters and litigation, whether civil or criminal.

We pride ourselves in exerting team effort and working with our clients in order to ensure the best possible representation for our clients and to find effective and customized solutions for the issues faced by our clients, by combining our local knowledge, local laws and regulations with international standards and practices.

We are often commended by our clients taking utmost care to ensure that the right people are assigned to your case at the right time, coordinated by an experienced partner, who not only brings over 21 years UAE experience but also serves as a personal contact, knows your needs and requirements, and expertly represents your interests.With offices located at the Sobha Sapphire Building in Business Bay, Dubai, MN Law provides clients with a central and accessible location to meet our associates. While we are based in Dubai.

We are licensed to appear and represent our clients before the Dubai Courts as well as all UAE Federal Courts, which consequently allows us to provide a holistic and more flexible range of services than most other expatriate law firms in the UAE.

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