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Attestation and Visa Services in UAE | GloboPrime

GloboPrime is the UAE's leading certificate attestation services company with many years of experience. We offer fast, reliable, and prompt attestation services for ex-pats living or moving to the UAE. We are the trusted choice of many prominent companies, groups, and individuals for fast, secure, and quality attestation services.
GloboPrime Attestation helps companies and individuals from any part of the globe to authenticate their official documents for use in the UAE and/or any country. GloboPrime is known for reliable, prompt and accurate document attestation. Having a branch office in Chennai, the organization is focused on exceeding the client expectations and has been a preferred business partner providing fast and reliable Certificate & Document Attestation. In a span of four years since inception, GloboPrime has attested over 10,000 certificates not only destined for the UAE, but globally as well.
The organization's direct partner network in over 94 countries has given the company an edge over the competition. With the direct network, GloboPrime can offer a seamless service, right from verifying the certificates from stage-1 to guaranteeing that the certificates will be accepted by the relevant embassies/governments of the country. "We eliminate any error at the beginning stage of attestation so that our clients can rest assured that their certificates are in the capable hands of GloboPrime, and we will carry-out the attestation as required,"
We eliminate any error at the beginning stage of attestation so that our clients can rest assured that their certificates are in the capable hands of GloboPrime, and we will carry-out the attestation as required With UAE being a major business hub in the Middle East many companies from all over the world set up base here and hire some of the best talents. With this is mind you need to choose a reliable company to get their certificates and other legal documents attested. GloboPrime offers the best certificate attestation for UAE.

We provide the best certificate attestation and Visa services in Dubai for Degree & Diploma certificates, Marriage & birth certificates, Divorce & Singleness certificates & Commercial Documents for use in the UAE at Globoprime. Visit for more details on document attestation.
We can assist you with documents such as
Memorandum of Association
Articles of Association
Shareholders Certificate
Board Resolution
Shareholders Resolution
Certificate of Incumbency
Certificate of Incorporation
Commercial Invoices
Shareholders Register
Special Power of Attorney
Certificate of Good Standing
Minutes of Meeting
Agency Agreements, etc.
Documents related to opening a new branch or a new bank account for offshore companies A commercial document issued in the UAE that needs to be used in a foreign country will first be attested by the relevant issuing authority Certificate Legalization in Dubai In addition to certificate attestation, our expert document processing service takes your documents through authentication, legalization, and Apostille stamping with the respective embassies and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UAE embassy worldwide.

Accurate Attestation, Without a Doubt
Once we have confirmed your certificates meet the requirements for attestation, simply send your documents to us and we will manage all aspects of the authentication and legalization process, often in as little as a few days!
We handle the entire process from start to finish. Just submit the required documents to us and we will get them back to you with our door to door service. We have a 100% success rate when it comes to attestation services and is known in the UAE for being the most dependable and reliable attestation company

We keep Your Documents Confidential
The safety of your documents is of prime importance to you. We take great pride in our services on our safety record with documents entrusted to Globoprime. Our certificate attestation process makes sure your documents are delivered safely back to you after they have been attested by the attestation authority GloboPrime professionals are the strength of the firm, because the organization has a great service partner network, and has the resources to provide insight and a detailed overview of the attestation process without skipping a beat. The organization can address the client's concerns and advise accordingly. More so, the staff are trained for the first six months in the job, guided by the manager who is always available 24/7 for any information or suggestion on how to work more effectively and discuss overcoming challenges. GloboPrime intends to replace its global network with its own offices in as many countries as possible in the coming years and looks forward to diversifying while keeping in mind that attestation is the core business. GloboPrime will also be looking to expand the service offerings in UAE, to immigration services, where the company helps people sponsor their families to the UAE.

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