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Hydro Point Building Material Trading LLC, established in 2007 is based in Dubai, UAE and deals in all the HVAC, Plumbing and Drainage products across the Middle East. We stock a large selection of supplies and can fulfill your order as per requirements. We make sure our products are high quality along with right technical support.

We are authorized distributors of WATTS Water Technologies / ALBION complete range of valves accessories and one of the leading manufacturers representative of plumbing, heating and water quality products.

Our product portfolio includes Water safety and flow control products, Backflow prevention products, Water quality products, Drainage products, Brass and Tubular products, Control valves, Pipe support system and all plumbing related products.

We have our own import from Europe, India, USA, Taiwan & China, Holland, apart from procuring quality products from UAE market.

We continue to diversify, "Our success is built on strong partnerships, whilst we nurture them; we will seek new alliances to take us to greater heights in the future".

Hydro Point has a Showroom, Warehouse and Sales Office centrally and conveniently located at Dubai; having a dedicated Sales and Marketing team with an efficient delivery system.

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