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Al Telal Building # 6 2nd December Street, Behind Emirates Islamic Bank, Satwa , Dubai, UAE


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Air Cargo Services

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Ship Management and Operation

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For more than three decades International Maritime and Aviation (IMA) LLC has been serving a growing nation, keeping abreast of a rapidly changing corporate landscape and embracing the phenomenal development of the region. The growth of the UAE and its transformation into a business, logistics, trade and ?nance hub in the Middle East has ideally positioned IMA as a dynamic logistical entity.

From air freight and ocean-freight to road transportation and niche specializations in project management, industrial packing, supply chain management and warehousing solutions, IMA provides a full, multi faceted service. The company's expansion and diversi?cation of services from 1980 to today stand testament to its past, present and future.

Its strong foundations have provided a base for development and have allowed the brand to evolve into the major body it is today. Based out of the city's main trading hub right next to Dubai International Airport, IMA also handles operations from multi-platform logistics facility Dubai World Central and Jebel Ali Port the largest port in the Middle East amongst other strategic locations. These centralized stations have allowed IMA to service key regional areas across Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE while expansion plans are also underway for neighboring Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan and Yemen.

Such expansion and development would not have been possible without the crucial infrastructure that supports the company's vision. IMA's dynamic operational system encompasses full service transportation requirements, as well as third-party logistics and supply chain considerations.


1. IATA International Air Transport Association
2. ISO 9001/2008 certi?ed by RWTUV Systems Gmbh for transport of Cargo by ROAD, AIR & SEA as well as WAREHOUSING & DISTRIBUTION


1. FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association
2. NAFL National Association of Freight & Logistics
3. TIACA The International Air Cargo Association
4. CIT Member of Chartered Institute of Transport



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