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Magic Trading Company (MTC) has been one of the oldest and the pioneer in the promotional gift business. It has been involved in the printing and branding technologies in the Middle East for three decades now. Its experience, along with its dedication to creating high-quality products has made it one of the largest and the most respected advertising and printing supplies company in the Middle East.

The company was founded in the year 1989 along with its sister company Magic Plastic and has built royal patronage since. It employs skilled professionals who use the latest design technologies and printing techniques to produce quality prints and meet the client's individual and unique needs.

Products and Services Offered

MTC has its team of designers who are extremely skilled and creative at their work. They use the latest technology to convert even the most simple concepts into creative images, including photo quality on a wide range of products. The company keeps on enhancing their artistic and production skills by using illustrations, photo- editing, and the latest software available.

The company is the pioneer in introducing Sublimation Transfer Printing in the Middle East. Not only does it supply the machine and consumables, but also trains its customers. In addition to this, it has a large production facility for full-color printing on different items such as indoor signs, t-shirts, caps, mugs, plates, aluminum sheets, awards, etc. Besides this, the company also provides a screen printing facility on a wide range of products including shopping bags, pens, key holders, lanyards, wall clocks, desk items, stickers, and other promotional giveaways.

It uses the latest machines for high-precision printing and cutting of vinyl. It can make labels for home appliances such as refrigerators, water coolers, and gas cookers, and do epoxy coating on name badges, special pens, indoor signage, key chains, awards, and many other products.


Magic Trading Company LLC has always been known for its quality, reliable products, and efficient, customer-friendly service. Its ongoing commitment to maintaining solid client relationships is what allows it to remain one of the most trusted names in the industry.

The company continues to grow with a revenue of $7 Million. It has also created a new website recently which has an easy-to-navigate design and provides all the information in a clean and efficient manner. It has improved search features and detailed product specifications along with live customer support.

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