Mars Management Consultants in Dubai

Al Garhoud, Near GGICO Metro Station


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MARS Group is founded in Dubai by a team of qualified professionals with years' experience and expertise in Business Management and Consultancy. MARS is registered with FTA in UAE as TAX AGENCY. MARS Group offers range and diversity of skills and technical expertise available within the firm and through our affiliation to respond to every client situation throughout the United Arab Emirates and Internationally.

Our client's most valued and trusted advisor.

Running a business can be overwhelming, as administrative and Financial functions tend to take over. You are left with little time to strategize and run your core business.

That's where we step in.

MARS group with its 360° approach offers integrated business management solutions. The company was founded by highly experienced professionals, who are proficient in accounting, information risk management, IT and cyber security, digital marketing, VAT consultancy and more.

Through our 360° approach, we leave no stone unturned. Right from company setup to taxation matters, you can think of us as a natural extension to your business. Over the years, our services have become more comprehensive, yet we still personalize according to individual client requirements.

No challenge is too big for us. Through our diverse range of technical expertise, we help business owners reach their objectives. It is precisely this approach that has instilled a sense of confidence within our client base, both within the UAE and internationally.

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