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Office 3, Awazel Building, Manama Street, Ras Al Khor 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ras Al Khor


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Moltocare is a Dubai based company, focusing on cleaning and disinfection of the entire AC system for the private and corporate sectors through effective and professional service.
Moltocare is the go-to company for those looking for a high professional disinfection and air duct cleaning service.
We offer deep cleaning and disinfecting of the essential components of your air conditioning system by using the latest technologies and eco friendly products.

We provide:
Complimentary Assessment Consultation
Air Condition Cleaning
Duct System Cleaning
Air Condition System Disinfection
Steam Cleaning

Our revolutionary complete disinfection technology developed in France is the ultimate and simple answer to destroying all harmful bacteria, fungus and moulds that can be found in the air conditioning system.
Over 90% of our time is spent indoors, while indoor air pollution can be up to 100 times greater than outdoor - US Government Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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