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Ground Covers – Beauty and Innovation for a Diverse Market
Many ongoing projects are redefining community living and setting new standards in Landscape settings. The concept of Landscaping has really caught up both with Local Municipalities and Private Developers.
People across the region are investing in the appearance of their houses, business and schools. To reflect the diverse nature of the Landscape, end-users want choices to express the unique nature of the places where they live, work and play.
From Color enhanced Wood Fiber Mulch to ornamental decorative aggregates and colored sand Mulch Masters delivers pure high quality of products for the Domestic Garden Projects, Corporate Landscaping, Golf courses and Playgrounds that lasts all season long.
Our Landscaping Coating division has developed a new line of eye-catching colors that will provide a more vibrant and brilliant appearance to your landscape. The color does not fade in sunlight or wash off in rain or irrigation. This quality, long lasting benefit is creating an enormous demand by landscapers and homeowners.
Each shade is pure, vibrant and shocking splash of brilliance that will light up any landscape and gardens with lively electric colors and will provide a designer look to any home, business, school or public facilities landscape including roadscapes.
Today s designed landscapes are more than just a few flowers and shrubs. They are an extension of a home owner s personal style or a recreation areas quality.
Our efforts are aimed to bring beauty and value with color-enhanced Mulch, which will make the landscaping more exciting colorful and more beautiful.
We turn the bare, arid and sandy terrain alive with vibrant colors that tie together the various landscaping elements into a unified composition that brings landscape to life.
Our mulches create landscape that follows Eco-friendly practices to sustain the environment. Mulch is an important ingredient in any landscaping design. It helps conserve moisture, buffers the soil from temperature extremes, prevents soil erosion and beautifies any landscape.
Decorative Colored Mulch could be used for large areas as land cover, to set off and replace soft scaping elements such as grass, shrubs and trees, thus leading to reduction of maintenance costs. Instead of planting the entire landscape with grass, shrubs and trees, a lot of area can be covered by natural mulch.
Besides our colored enhanced Mulches, we are also offering the following list of products

List of Products Categories
Color Enhanced Mulches
Natural Pine Bark Mulches
Cedar Mulches
Decorative Colored Aggregates
Decorative Colored Sand
Gravel Mulch
Marble Chips
Tumbled Granite Pebbles
Landscape Glass Mulches
Natural Pebbles

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