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Oscar Lubricants is a reputed brand in the lubricant industry in the UAE. The company has worked hard and focused on quality, innovations, and service commitments to rise to the top ever since its inception in 1998. With a competitive market, Oscar Lubricants realized quickly that the best quality is their way to success. The team has time and again produced innovative products to satisfy the customer base in the Middle East. Oscar lubricants have also shown its commitment to product quality and innovation by opening up the most comprehensive testing center in the Middle East for lubricant products. Oscar Lubricants is a trusted-name by leading automotive manufacturers like Mercedes Benz, Volvo, and Porsche, to name a few.


Oscar lubricants is a specialty lubricant manufacturer. The company has been producing high-quality products in categories like engine oil, brake fluids, greases, transmission fluids. Marine Lubricants, and coolants. Totally, the company has over 150 products for different applications and with defining properties such as monograde and multigrade viscosities. Oscar Lubricants supplies pure synthetic oils with appropriate additives to enhance the
lubricants' properties and give you a better performance. Other specialty lubricants supplied by Oscar lubricants include soluble cutting fluid, hydraulic fluid, industrial gear oil, compression oil, cylinder oil, and trunk piston engine oil.

Apart from manufacturing and supplying lubricant products in different categories, the company also provides a host of other services such as oil condition monitoring testing, used oil analysis, toll blending, private labeling, and customization of products through their R&D unit.

Oil condition monitoring testing allows industries and individual clients to check the quality of lubricants periodically without risking mechanical failure. Used oil analysis also enables maintenance teams in production industries to understand the health of machinery, helping them make some significant upkeep related calls. Oscar Lubricants also has state of the art R&D and production facility and undertakes orders from other companies for blending and other custom production activities.


Oscar Lubricants has achieved a lot of laurels in the last two decades. The company holds the ISO 9001:2005 certification for manufacturing, testing, blending, packaging of lubricants, and greases. Leading automobile manufacturers and respective government authorities have also approved the Oscan Lubricants product range in lubricants and greases.

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