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Outsourcing the role of complete building cleaning and maintenance makes sense to commercial and individual property owners. Why spend time, expense and resources on maintenance and cleaning when you could be focusing on growing your business?

Leave your building cleaning and maintenance services to experts. We at Primo offer both standard and bespoke services and support to match your requirements by providing you with cost effective, sustainable solutions.

Backed by 30 years of extensive experience and supported by an inhouse team of qualified, proactive, customer-focussed technicians and engineers from diverse backgrounds and cultures, we are well-positioned to match expertise with client requirements of any complexity and also maintain control of the quality of service we provide. As our client, you can benefit from a consultative approach, greater control, reduced costs, improved quality, and multi-tasking skills.Primo has witnessed exponential growth and is today the company of choice for businesses and individual property owners who wish to outsource their building cleaning and maintenance work to a reliable and responsible partner

Understanding our customer requirements forms the core of our service offerings. In a fast changing market scenario, property requirements also change quickly, and accordingly, we offer a range of flexible contract terms to suit.

A large number of retail, financial services, healthcare, commercial companies and individual property owners are taking advantage of our services and enjoying the fruits of outsourcing their building maintenance and cleaning requirements to Primo.

Integral to our services is Primo’s helpdesk which is manned by experienced and trained staff to provide our customers with a single point of contact. Each customer is provided dedicated service to ensure that all calls are dealt with efficiently and service teams are despatched in the required response times. As our client, you can be assured of best possible service 24/7/365 services, thereby ensuring your business is always operational

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