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TAPS & MORE is a specialized Bathroom, Kitchen and Plumbing solutions company which performs a Sales and Marketing Consultancy function for numerous leading and predominantly well known European manufacturers, not limited to the below listed companies ALBERTONI, ARCO, AXA, BETTE, BLANCO, BONOMINI, MCH CHUDEJ, DUBIEL VITRUM, EMMEVI, HANSA, HOESCH, JIKA, KAJA, HUPPE, NIL, VIFRA, NOVELLINI, LAUFEN, MKW, MARINER, T&M DESIGN and VIEGA

TAPS & MORE boasts a modern and state-of-the-art Design Centre which was created to showcase our dynamic product portfolio for our Trading Partners, in addition to serving as a platform for regional meetings as well as brand and product launch events.

As true Marketing Consultants, we are pro-active in assisting our Trading Partners with personnel recruitment initiatives as well as brand and Product Training requirements at our Orientation Centre.

In the spirit of embracing change, and ensuring the positive evolution of our company, TAPS & MORE is proud to announce the opening of our Regional Flagship Showroom located at the Building Material Market in Dubai since 1st of May 2021.

We also offer a value-added benefit to both our Principals and Trading Partners by stocking a large variety of key products at our two Regional Distribution Centres in Dubai, U.A.E.

Besides stocking key items, thereby accelerating the Regional Product Supply Cycle, we also visit Architects and key Designers for Project Specification purposes, thus creating demand for the brands we represent.

Our primary objective is to sustain and maintain our continuously growing Distributor base across the Arab World, Cyprus and the Near East.

TAPS & MORE recognizes that its employees are its primary asset and fundamental to the company's success, therefore it is only natural that our strategic objective is to be the employer of choice in the Sanitary Industry.

We continuously challenge our people to keep improving themselves for their personal benefit and also for the benefit of our esteemed business partners.

Message from the Founder & Owner of TAPS & MORE

TAPS & MORE is the product of everyone it serves, and our business model continues to evolve according to the needs of everyone involved and related to it.


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