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Which is the best web development company?

When looking for the best web development company, you must know that the credibility depends on your requirements and satisfaction. There is no single answer to this question. It's important that you make a list of your requirements, your expectations as well as your budget. Once you've jotted down all the points, conduct a thorough research on the best web development companies and choose the firm that suits your requirements the best!

What does a web development company do?

A web development company creates consumer-friendly, interactive, eye-catching websites for individuals or organizations. Their development workflow starts with gathering requirements from their clients, researching extensively about the audience the websites cater to by usually following industry standards or seldom incorporating practices like polls and surveys. Based on the information gathered from these two processes, a web development company designs and develops websites, keeping a good user experience in mind. Nowadays, all web development companies follow an iterative development process – the workflow cycles between requirements gathering, design, development and routine client feedback. In the end, the client gets their website that showcases their portfolio, business or organization.

What is Website development?

Website development is a discipline of creating and maintaining websites that can be accessed through the internet. These websites can be made up of a few pages of static text and images or complex applications dealing with data, which are dynamic like the stock market data or confidential like online financial transactions. In the process of creation of websites, their work starts after Website design and comprises two main tasks - writing Markup and Coding. Where Markup gives structure and beauty to a website, Coding makes them interactive to events and data changes.

How does a basic Web development process work?

A basic web development process starts with writing Markup using HTML. Markup gives structure to a website and decides the order of the elements used in the website. Then comes styling with CSS which works on the position and spacings of the elements and the layout, colour, typography and responsiveness of the website in general. Then, the process moves on to Coding with languages like JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Php, etc. Coding makes the websites interactive to simple events like user clicks on the browser side (Frontend) and at the same time, makes them capable of handling complex operations like thousands of online transactions per second on the servers. (Backend).

So for websites, the Markup is the physique, Styling is the fashion, and Coding is the intellect.

What is important to learn in web development?

In web development, one must have a good grasp of HTML and CSS. Industry demands websites with responsiveness, user-friendly layouts and wholesome colour palettes and typographies - traits that cannot be there in a website with weak HTML or CSS. Once the basics are dealt with, one must move on to the coding part of web development. One must gain expertise in one browser-side language, most preferably JavaScript or Typescript and a frontend library or framework based on the language like React, Angular, Vue, etc. After learning frontend, one must master a server-side language like Python, Javascript, Java, Ruby, Golang, etc. along with a preliminary knowledge of system design, SQL and NoSQL databases and DevOps.

What is the minimum time to complete web development?

To be honest, learning web development is a wonderful, but never-ending journey. To get over with preliminaries, one might take a month or two, which might let them make amateur portfolio websites for themselves. One might take a year or so to learn how to build professional websites for small businesses or basic e-commerce sites. You might also land a job or start freelancing by then. However, to gain mastery in the field, one must practise rigorously. Build new projects from time to time. Learn to write cleaner code and try to optimise the performance and memory usage of their projects. Even after all of this, one needs to constantly be in touch with the updates in the libraries, packages, languages and coding paradigms they follow.

Is it easy to build a website?

Websites that serve as portfolios for individuals or small businesses can be made using hassle-free ‘no-code development’ with the help of platforms that lets you build simple, amateur websites without writing a single line of code. The same made with ‘code’, or the usual website development looks much much more professional, works much more smoothly but requires a little bit of work. On the other hand, e-commerce sites, social networking sites or websites for organizations like banks, universities, etc. are very hectic to make and need months of development and 24x7 maintenance, which can only be built by professional web development companies

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