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How and where can I get a soil fertility test?

The most basic technique for measuring soil fertility is to mix a soil sample with water and chemically extract the N, P, and K as nitrate, phosphate, and potassium. The amount of N, P, and K in the sample is determined by comparing the reaction to a color chart. People commonly conduct soil fertility testing in commercial labs that offer a variety of assays aimed at specific chemical and mineral groups.

What is the role of computers in agriculture?

Computers help monitor expenses associated with manufacturing, transportation, and agricultural operations and estimate and calculate profit and loss.

Software exists to assist in the forecasting of weather conditions and the assessment of agricultural productivity. Farmers may use this technology to discover and regulate solutions to survive under drought circumstances.

What is tissue culture?

The growth of plant cells, organs, or tissues on a specially prepared nutritional medium is known as tissue culture (TC). It is the development of tissues or cells outside of the original organism in artificial media. This technique can regenerate a whole plant from an individual cell under the appropriate conditions. Plant tissue culture is a method that people have been using for over 30 years.

What is the meaning of 'agricultural extension?

The agricultural extension uses farmer education to apply scientific research and new information to agricultural operations.

Agricultural advisory services are often known as extensions. Extension, in practice, is teaching farmers agronomic methods and skills to enhance their production, food security, and wellbeing.

What is agriculture processing?

Agriculture processing is a collection of technological and economical operations used to maintain and handle agricultural output for feed, food, fiber, energy, or raw material for industrial use.

The agriculture processing industry is a branch of manufacturing that processes raw materials of agriculture and intermediate goods. Agri or agriculture processing, therefore, refers to the transformation of agricultural goods.

Does an agricultural engineer work in a lab or the field?

A job as an agricultural engineer requires time spent at a range of outdoor and indoor workplaces. Agricultural engineers' working circumstances depend on the type of work they perform. Some of their responsibilities may require them to work in labs, offices, or even fields. Agricultural engineers work for commercial consulting businesses, agricultural irrigation machinery manufacturers and retailers, commercial farms, and public bodies.

Who are some agricultural technicians?

Agricultural technicians are in charge of agriculture and food product testing, development, and research. They help set up laboratories and field experimenting equipment and perform studies to enhance plants' quality, durability, and production.

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