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What is the difference between a tug and a barge?

A tug is a small, strong watercraft used to pull or push barges or assist larger boats in maneuvering. It is a maritime vessel that pushes or pulls other boats using direct contact or a towing line. Ships that can't move on their own, like those in busy harbors or tight canals, or those that can't move at all, are usually towed by these boats. A barge is a large flat-bottomed, towed, self-propelled watercraft used chiefly for transporting heavy items or bulk freight along rivers and canals. It's a coastal commerce ship with a vast spritsail and jib-headed headsail, a fore staysail, a short mizen, and leeboards instead of a keel.

How many tugs are required?

Due to a smaller tug fleet and savings on tug crews, replacing several smaller tugs with a more powerful tug could result in cost savings for a tug fleet owner. The availability of stronger tugs, on the other hand, does not necessarily imply that ships will use fewer tugs. Ships that normally use one or two tugs will continue to use one or two tugs when using more powerful tugs. When more powerful tugs become available, even ships using four tugs on arrival will generally use the same number of tugs.

How is a tug connected to a barge?

The tug can be fastened using cables or, more typically, synthetic lines that extend from the tug's stern to the barge's stern. Because of the risk of the push wires splitting, this layout is usually employed in interior waters where the sea and surf are limited. Even if the barge does not have a "notch," this design is frequently used, but it is desirable to have "push knees" on the tug to maintain its position. The barge being pushed may be the size of an average ship in this configuration, with the contact of the flow of water allowing a faster speed with a minimum increase in power or fuel consumption.

How much weight can a tug pull?

The horsepower of a tug is an essential metric for determining what a vessel is competent for in terms of pushing or pulling, but the bollard pull is a more useful number. It is the force supplied by the tug's propulsion system while the vessel moves at zero speed, which is attached to a motionless Ballard while operating full speed ahead. In terms of static bollard pull, a boat with 5000 HP will provide around 50-70 tons. Thousands of tons may be readily pushed or pulled across a stretch of water by even tiny forces. Their massive engines and propellers can do so despite their considerably smaller size than the vessel they are pushing.
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