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What is the liquidation process in Dubai?

The appointment of a liquidator and the creation of financial statements are the first two steps in the company liquidation process in UAE. Additionally, assets are sold, creditors are compensated, and any money left over is given to shareholders.

What are the rules of liquidation?

The orderly distribution of assets to creditors and shareholders is a requirement of liquidation rules. A court appointed trustee is also in charge of monitoring the procedure to guarantee fairness.

What is the law for liquidation of a company in the UAE?

The "Commercial Companies Law" governs how a company can be liquidated in UAE

What happens before a company goes into liquidation?

A company typically experiences financial distress prior to going into liquidation and makes an effort to resolve its problems through restructuring or debt negotiations. It may also seek legal counsel and examine other options, but liquidation is ultimately a last resort.

What are the requirements to register a company in Dubai?

One must adhere to strict guidelines established by the government in order to register a company in Dubai. These include determining the company's legal structure and activity, acquiring the required licenses, and obtaining a physical address.
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