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What are the benefits of having motor insurance?

Motor insurance provides financial protection against unforeseen accidents, theft, and damage, giving vehicle owners peace of mind while navigating the busy roads of Dubai.

What are the different types of car insurance available in Dubai?

Motor insurance in Dubai comes in various types, including third-party, comprehensive, personal accident, off-road, motorcycle, and commercial vehicle insurance, catering to different vehicle and usage needs.

How much does motor insurance in Dubai cost?

Most of the time, car insurance in Dubai costs between 1.25% and 3% of the car's value per year. Other things that can affect how much car insurance costs in Dubai are the number of claims made in the past, the age of the driver, and how long they have had their license.

What documents are required to obtain auto insurance in Dubai?

You will need to have the following papers with you:
  • A copy of the driving license
  • Model, size, and year of manufacture of the car
  • A copy of the insurance claims from the past
  • A picture of the vehicle's registration card RTA Transfer Certificate

What is the fine for driving without proper auto insurance?

If you drive without insurance, you could get a fine of AED 500 and four "black points." Also, your car could be taken away for 7 days.

How often do you pay your car insurance in Dubai?

Most people in Dubai pay for car insurance once or twice a year. But the amount you pay for car insurance relies on the company you choose.

How can I find the best motor insurance in Dubai?

To find the best motor insurance in Dubai, consider browsing our directory to access a list of reputable options, compare their services, coverage, and prices, and choose the policy that suits you best.
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