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Our Al Bayader International family has grown in number across the GCC to become an international leader in manufacturing and supplying comprehensive food packaging solutions. With a dedicated team of around 1000+ employees and the support of over 400 business partners, 9000 happy business customers and millions of consumers we deliver added value to the global food and beverage industries and offer an extensive 3500+ product portfolio, which represents the backbone of retail and foodservice sectors.

As part of our constantly expanding business, we currently own and operate three manufacturing facilities with a vast production capacity. Having 13 industrial and logistic locations, we lead several GCC markets with a substantial market share, while steadily increasing penetration into markets further afield, including Europe and Africa.


We are committed to creating practical, safe, and innovative packaging solutions with high-quality standards for the global retail and food service industries.
We bear out this commitment to you by investing in ongoing product developments, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and an efficient supply chain.

Convenience in Variety:
Our single-use products are segmented into the categories including tableware, containers, baking molds, food wrapping, bags, food decoration, hygiene and foil & film, each having the possible variety of use selection, color, and material such as PS, PP, PET, Aluminium, Foam, Biodegradable and Eco-friendly Bamboo, Wooden, Paper and Pulp products.

Standards and Capabilities

Total Quality Management
We are devoted to achieving the highest standards of operational excellence, product leadership and customer confidence to deliver our promise to you. Our commitment covers every aspect of our work, from product creation and sourcing to distribution, shelf optimization and quality control.

The Japanese word for "improvement", we believe in constantly enhancing all functions and processes, such as purchasing and logistics, that cross organizational boundaries into the supply chain. By improving standardized programmers and processes, we aim to eliminate waste and ensure sustainability.

Value Engineering
Value = Function/Energy * Time. By implementing this engineering method, we aim to improve value through the relationship between function and energy/time .

Just-In-Time (JIT)
We align raw material orders from suppliers directly with production schedules. This method helps us to increase efficiency and decrease waste.

Key Industrial Capabilities
- Sound investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.
- Cutting-edge in-house printing facilities for accurate, quality reproduction of logos and packaging.
- In-house innovative product designs.
- Manufacturing vast tons of product per year.
- Advanced lab testing facility.
- Workshop for maintaining, cleaning and enhancing industrial process.
- Retail packing and assembling facilities in each factory.
- Sophisticated Quality, Hygiene, Safety & Environment (QHSE) team.
- We are committed to creating practical, safe and innovative food packaging solutions with high-quality standards for the global retail and foodservice industries.

With a dedicated team of around 1000+ employees and the support of over 400 business partners, 9000 happy business customers and millions of consumers, we deliver added value to food and beverage industries worldwide and offer a 3500+ product portfolio.

Our vision is "To simplify the lives of people with innovative food packaging solutions" We have successfully gone far ahead with our strategic plans by serving two main market segments, the Foodservice Industry under the Al Bayader International brand and the Consumer Sector under the Fun® brand. This includes supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and the global F&B industry through hotels, casual dining restaurant chains, cafeterias, coffee shops, catering companies, foodstuff traders, airlines, hospitals, etc.

Al Bayader's products are segmented into the following broad categories: Disposable Tableware, Disposable Food Container, Baking Molds and Sheets, Bags & Wrapping Systems, Cleaning & Hygiene Products, Food Decorations items, Foil & Film rolls, Paper products, Bottles & Jars.

Follow the Green Path.
We embrace environmental consciousness in all we do. This commitment includes producing a "Green Track" range and pursuing green initiatives such as recycling, composting, and energy conservation in our manufacturing processes, all of which add value to our market offerings.


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