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Are electric water heaters dangerous?

Electric water heaters are not dangerous at all!

Like any other heating device, electrical water heaters also work on the principle of conversion of energy. In this device, electrical energy from the main electrical supply runs through the machine and gets converted to heat energy.

They are fairly simple to use and don't involve any risk factors. However, like most electrical devices, regular maintenance is extremely important for the proper functioning of electric water heaters. Without proper maintenance and repair, there can be a chance of a short circuit that can damage the device!

How effective is an electric water heater?

Electric water heaters are fairly efficient devices. Electrical water heaters work on the principle of conversion of electricity into heat. Modern day water heaters are designed with insulated materials that can prevent maximum loss of energy to the atmosphere. This particular procedure helps to increase the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of an electric water heater.

Is it necessary to switch off the water heater after use?


Water heaters are electric devices. Just like any other machine, they can be damaged if overworked and overused for a long period of time. Not switching off water heaters after use can leave a scope for damage and short circuit, leading to greater risks of fire accidents. In order to avoid any such circumstance, it's always advised that water heaters are either unplugged or switched off after use.

What is an electric heat pump water heater?

With growing urbanization in Dubai, heat pump water heaters have become the need of the hour. Heat pumps have become extremely crucial for heating or cooling the rooms, playing an important role in temperature regulation. Heat pumps can sometimes also be used as stand alone electric heat pump water heaters.

Heat pumps work on the principle of conservation of energy. In this process, electric energy is converted to heat energy which in turn helps in heating rooms or other substances, such as water. The best features of electric heat pumps are : efficiency and sustainability. The lifespan of an electric heat pump water heater is at least 4 times more than conventional heaters, which definitely makes it a better investment choice.

Which is better: a tankless or with-tank water heater?

Well, this can be a toughie! Usually, the choice between tanked or tankless water heaters depends from person to person, their experience as well as their preferences.

However, if it comes to our suggestion, tankless water heaters are far more efficient as compared to tanked water heaters. Tankless water heaters are highly energy efficient, meaning they are extremely beneficial when it comes to cutting down energy costs upto 25%.

Once you invest in tankless water heaters, it can last for up to 20-30 years, making it highly cost effective. Tankless water heaters are easy to install and can be stored in tiny spaces easily. Moreover, it can produce over 2-3 gallons of water, thus providing a limitless supply of hot water throughout the day!

Which is the best company for solar water heaters in Dubai?

There are plenty of companies providing top-of-the-line water heaters around Dubai. If you're looking to buy water heaters, make sure to conduct proper research on your end regarding the brands and the products that you can completely rely on. Conduct a thorough research and browse through the best companies for solar water heaters in Dubai before you decide to make a purchase. Take a look at the specifications, the brand name, the product quality and the USP of the product, deduce a reasonable comparison and go with the product that suits your needs the best!

What are the advantages of electric water heaters?

Most people these days have been making the switch from conventional water heaters to electric water heaters. Hot water is essential for household works, cooking, cleaning, bathing etc. Conventional heaters had dominated the market for a few decades, until recently, when people started recognising the advantages of electric water heaters.

Here are the advantages of installing electric water heaters :

  • Economical: Electric water heaters are economical as compared to conventional heaters. The cost of installation and maintenance of an electric water heater is fairly reasonable.
  • Cleaner mode of energy: Electric water heaters run on electricity. Since there is no elimination of byproducts like ash or dust, these are much cleaner as compared to conventional water heaters.
  • No gas emissions: Electric water heaters do not emit harmful gases like carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, promoting sustainable development and preventing global warming.
  • High efficiency: Electric water heaters have much higher efficiency as compared to conventional heaters.

What are the uses of a solar water heater?

The uses of solar water heaters can be countless. Especially in this era, people have been consciously making a switch to sustainable means of energy consumption. Keeping that in foresight, solar water heaters are being drastically used in domestic, commercial as well as industrial sectors.

Domestic: In residential spaces such as kitchens, washrooms etc.

Commercial: In commercial spaces such as hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, hostels etc.

Industrial: In all kinds of factories, godowns, warehouses etc.

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